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O'Dea, Frank

O'Dea, Frank

Company: The Second Cup

Job Title: : Founder

A brilliant charismatic speaker, ground-breaking business man and author, Frank O’Dea, founder of the Second Cup, inspires and motivates speakers from all walks of life and is able to connect with every single audience member, regardless of class, ethnicity or gender.  No matter what the event, Frank O’Dea always ends up being the highlight.

Frank O’Dea never fails to completely engage his audiences and has become known for delivering the ‘pin-drop’ speech with attendees hanging on his every word.  He openly and honestly shares his life experiences, from being on the street as a youth to starting Second Cup and a chance meeting that led to the start up of Street Kids International.

Audiences identify with him and his unforgettable message and are invariably moved, empowered and filled with hope.  As one of Canada’s most sought-after speakers, Frank O’Dea is an investment that pays off hugely for any organization that books him.

Fee: $ 10000 - $ 12000 

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Frank O'Dea Interview on CTV Kevin Newman


The Power of Hope, Vision, Action

The Spirit of the Entrepreneur

Blue Ocean Strategy









It’s about Big Ideas

In this brief, 8-minute interview, Kevin refers to the extraordinary journey Frank has made, from a homeless person to celebrated business man and humanitarian, but mostly he wants to know. Why!  Looking for the story behind the story behind the story, Kevin asks Frank why he was involved in so many different, unrelated enterprises and causes. “From coffee, to Street Kids to paper shredding to landmines, there is no commonality, no pattern” says Kevin. “It’s about big ideas”, says Frank, “I like big ideas”.