Expansion is a lovely word for Business

Date: May 13, 2015 Author: Cathleen Fillmore Categories: News

Expansion is a lovely word for Business.

What would dramatic expansion in your speaking business look like?

How can you reach more people with your powerful message? 

Because that’s the goal, of course, always.

Here’s how:

Be clear about what you want

Be clear about why you want it

Be clear about what holds you back – what’s lurking beneath the surface?

Be clear about the value you bring

Personally, I have two goals of equal value. 

-      To inspire speakers who then inspire more people.  That makes a wide reach at the end of the day.  That requires me to live life at a high level of consciousness.

 -     To connect inspiring people with audiences who need to hear their message.

See how simple it can be.  How about you?  Are you clear about your goals?  Got a plan in place?



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