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The Perfect Match

There are many moving parts involved in organizing an event. Finding the right speaker is essential. With years of experience in the speaking world, I know who looks good on paper and who really delivers.

It’s not hard to create a flashy profile and website. It’s less common, though, for speakers to promote themselves well along with what they need to absolutely to impress an audience.

While knowledge and experience are valuable, what really wins the day is a speaker who is in alignment with their message and who deeply engages the audience. Real pros can pull this off even when under duress.

I think about the ‘No BS’ author and speaker, Dan Kennedy, who, in the early days, addressed an out-of-state audience on business building and as he spoke, he looked outside to see his Cadillac being repossessed. As a real pro, of course, he carried on.

Years ago, I attended a conference with women speakers, one from Canada and 3 from the U. S. They were all excellent and big names in their field.

When the last speaker comes onstage, she said, “I know you all had a good time. But how would you feel if you were me, having to come after all these great speakers?” She then glugged down a full bottle of water onstage before she began her speech which was wildly funny and irreverent. And she is the one I remember.

Genuine works!

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Cathleen Fillmore

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