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Know Your True Value

You’re priceless, I know, but seriously, how do you evaluate your worth in a marketplace that has its own peculiar measuring tool; one that varies from region to region? Do you let the market put a price tag on you? Or create your own and stick to it?

The answer, of course, is both unless and until you’re in a position where your time is worth more than money and any strategic advantage that an under-fee booking might offer. Even bureaus are now willing to negotiate since they’ve lost business, sometimes to the speaker they represent, by holding steadfast to the stated fee.

Simply put, you assess your value by the results your speech, book, online, or in-house training/consulting program produces for typical clients. Linking results to an increase in the bottom line makes an easier sale, not because of materialism, but because money is easily measured.

To support a high fee, clearly determine three outcomes that your speech or training typically produces in organizations and audiences. Have testimonials that reinforce those outcomes.

Once you’ve determined the value you bring based on outcomes, identify the organizations that will benefit most.

Does your current marketing material convey a compelling and clear message that provides the assurance that you’re right for the job? If your speech focuses on team building, employee engagement, or conflict reduction, then it contributes to an organization’s bottom line.

Compare your value proposition to other highly successful speakers in your field.

Now that you’re clear on your value, are you conveying that clearly to your market?

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