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I Double Dare You!

Has your income increased so far this year? Why not challenge yourself to double it in the next 90 days?

If you live in an industrialized country, you have enormous opportunities, some that you’re not taking advantage of.

We all get used to same-old, same-old until that becomes our norm. That norm diminishes over time when we don’t question it.

We live in a disruptive world. So why not disrupt yourself by imagining that your life or a loved one’s depends on you having a significantly increased income.

Now what? You would, I’m sure, come up with an answer, probably several.

Challenge yourself. Scare yourself – you don’t start making serious money without doing something scary. Do whatever it takes to bust out of inertia and get you into full vision and action mode.

First comes the vision – what do you want to accomplish at the highest level? What are you truly capable of? Your answers will lead you to inspired action.

You’ll see clearly what risks you need to take… what you need to say no to… what you need to embrace and enhance… what outreach you need to reach your new goals… who you need to connect with… what new program you will develop… etc.

In the long run, of course, it’s not about money; it’s about your expansion and becoming more influential globally.

Finally, it’s about taking your God-given talents and seeing how high you can fly.

Much higher, for sure. So test your wings.

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