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Did You Forget Something?

I’m amazed by how many speakers forget something essential to their success – speakers with the intellectual capital and timely topics to make a big impact in the speaking world (with commensurate fees) who have what the market needs and a history of delivering on their promise.

Yet there’s something missing, a platform, and I can’t figure out what they do.

Instead, I see a ton of dense information that you’d have to pay me to wade through! After all, I’m just in the ‘checking-this-out’ mode. I see a multitude of options – in the number of topics offered and also time: half-day; quarter day; how many in the audience, how extensive the travel, etc. It’s exhausting.

The golden rule in marketing is don’t explain before you engage. You need to hook me immediately by engaging my emotions before I’ll allow you access to my brain.

Add compelling graphics and conversational text to your site. Don’t tell me what you offer, tell me how you can solve my problems. We all see the world through our own filters. That doesn’t make us selfish; that makes us human.

If you can get my heart beating faster, I’m more likely to feel that you’re a friend. The more accomplished you are, the more you have to work at being approachable and accessible.

Ensure you have a compelling platform, whether that’s your promotional page, social media profiles, or your website. Consistency, excellence, and an inviting approach will result in booking more high-paid speaking engagements.

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