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About Jeremiah Brown

Jeremiah Brown is not like other inspirational speakers. He’s a highly uplifting motivational speaker whose message is lasting. He gets rave reviews from clients because he inspires people to reconsider how they’re spending their time and effort and shows them the power of focusing on and accomplishing what matters most.

Jeremiah, otherwise known as the 4-year Olympian, was a family man with a young child when he decided he’d like to enter the Olympics. He dedicated the next four years to do just that and his team won the silver medal in rowing.

Jeremiah’s popularity is in part owed to his relentless can-do attitude. He makes us all feel we can achieve what he has. And that, in our way, we will do exactly that.

So, here’s to our ‘relentless’ and highly focused rapidly rising star in the professional speaking world, Jeremiah Brown!

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