George Bullard

GEORGE IS A MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER WITH A LIFETIME OF EXPEDITIONS: Virtual speaker, seminars & workshops Keynote talks on teamwork, trust, purpose, leadership, operating under pressure and mental wellness in the workplace Interview style question & answer or fireside chat Team building& adventure training Event Hosting & MC George is a naturally outgoing, curious and personable.… Continue reading George Bullard

Paul Daniels

An international speaker, board advisor, and bestselling author, Paul is a collector of perspectives, connector of people, and crusher of the impossible. His research of the most inventive leaders uncovered an innate set of super-skills. While only 10% of people are born with these skills, these leaders represent many of the world’s top innovators. Paul’s… Continue reading Paul Daniels

Michael Laidler

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Michael Laidler Raised in Miami, Florida, by a single mother, Michael had to learn how to lead himself before learning how to lead others. At the age of 19, he joined law enforcement as a police officer in Tallahassee, Florida. At 23 years old, Michael became a Border Patrol Agent in Laredo, Texas and was… Continue reading Michael Laidler


Bo Short


Dr. Luis Martínez-Fernández is a much-in-demand acclaimed professional speaker, whose multimedia presentations and keynotes combine intellectual substance and accessibility, as well as depth and an engaging style of delivery. He has addressed a wide range of international audiences including CEO’s, cruise ship passengers, courtroom jurors, to Universities. His speeches cover a variety of topics on… Continue reading LUIS MARTINEZ FERNANDES


Tony R. Kitchens, an internationally renowned speaker, author, and entrepreneur, has a remarkable story of overcoming the odds to achieve great success. Born and raised on the south side of Chicago to middle-class parents, Tony’s story is one of changing the narrative of your current circumstance and following the dreams that are in your heart… Continue reading TONY R. KITCHENS


Teach your people the hidden habits that turn employees into peak- performing teams and siloed teams into progressive organizations.


Valerie Alexander is a renowned expert on happiness and inclusion, and a globally-recognized speaker on happiness in the workplace…


Tracy has an extraordinary mind for marketing mastery and she shares her deep understanding and knowledge.


Thom Singer is a conference catalyst who causes audiences to explore creative ways to make, grow and keep business relationships.