Boris Cherniak is an award-winning entertainer, motivational speaker and comedy hypnotist named Global Leader, Global Guru and a TEDx speaker. Boris is a regular on Maury, helping people with unusual fears and phobias, and has also appeared on The Robert Irvine Show, The Howie Mandel Show, The Vegas Show, Comics, The Casino and at Just for Laughs Festival and Boston Comedy Festival. He has entertained troops in Afghanistan and Kuwait and inspired attendees at Women Global Leaders Conference in Dubai.


A short video overview of Alan Mallory's keynote presentations and interactive workshops.



Mental Health Toolbox

Stress relief, positivity, inspiration and tools to cope with anxiety in an interactive online presentation

A Mind for Success

Boris taps into an extensive background in programming, analysis, comedy and psychology to deliver a fun interactive presentation that will be talked about for years to come. He combines the disciplines to deliver a keynote that infuses fun and creates leaders and visionary thinkers. Boris provides a simple method to program your mind for success that leads to a path of happiness and productivity. Ideal for a leadership summit, kick off or closing keynote as it combines motivation with entertainment.