“An in-demand spokesman on slowness.” The Wall Street Journal
“The global guru on the Slow Movement.” Globe and Mail
“The unofficial godfather of a growing cultural shift toward slowing down.” Huffington Post
“The godfather of the Slow Movement.” ABC News
“An international spokesman for the concept of leisure.” Newsweek
“A verbal magician, with no new idea too complex to capture.” Sydney Morning Herald

Carl Honoré is an award-winning writer, broadcaster and voice of the Slow Movement. His books have been published in 35 languages and landed on bestseller lists around the world. His two main-stage TED Talks have together racked up millions of views.

Carl fronted The Slow Coach on BBC Radio 4. Whether virtual or in person, his keynotes are inspiring, informative and funny. His audiences range from business leaders to schoolteachers. While researching his first book on slowness, Carl got slapped with speeding ticket.


A short video overview of Alan Mallory's keynote presentations and interactive workshops.


The Slow Revolution

To thrive in a fast world, you have to slow down. Doing so will boost your health and bring more depth, pleasure and meaning to your life. It will also make you more efficient, creative, accurate and productive. As The Economist concluded: “Forget frantic acceleration. Mastering the clock of business is about choosing when to be fast and when to be slow.” Using stories and case-studies from around the world, Carl shows how to work, play and live better by unleashing your inner tortoise.

Slow Parenting: Raising Children in a Fast World

Childhood has become a race to perfection, leaving children and parents frazzled and unfulfilled. Now, a global movement (think Slow Education, Slow Families, Slow Parenting, Slow Kids, etc) is finding ways to give children the time and space to explore the world on their own terms, take reasonable risks, play freely, get bored, be children again. Touching on everything from technology and extracurricular activities to education, safety and consumerism, Carl shows parents how to help children thrive in a competitive world. Carl also delivers a special talk for teenagers.

Ending Ageism and Ageing Better

In this golden age of ageing, we are living better for longer than ever before. Scientists, artists and entrepreneurs are hitting their stride later in life. Pop culture, from movies to modelling to the media, is carving out more room for people past the first flush of youth. To make the most of this longevity revolution, we need a radical re-think of what it means to grow older in the workplace and beyond. Carl shows how we can all age better – and feel better about ageing.

Slow Education: Teaching Children in a Fast World

In this keynote, Carl shows how slowing down in the right way can supercharge a school. How? By building resilience, social skills and emotional intelligence. By boosting analysis, learning and debate. By unleashing a creativity revolution. Carl also offers workshops to go along with this keynote. In these, he helps teachers identify where the pressure to rush is coming from – and how to resist it. He shares practical steps for bringing the right kind of slow into school life and bringing everyone (staff, parents, pupils) along with the change. Carl has many inspiring examples to share from around the world. As a board member of a prestigious K-18 school in New York City, he also has plenty of hands-on experience.