He’s the creator and author of Celebrity Service & OMG Marketing.

He’s challenged and inspired audiences across six continents to create award-winning ideas to outperform the competition.

In a recent feature, Forbes called this…. ‘A Game Changer’.

His clients include Emirates, Specsavers, McDonald’s, Xerox, Finnair, MDRT & IHG, Best Western, and Suzuki.

He has two goals for your next conference, to make it the best event your audience has ever been to, and to become the easiest speaker you’ve ever worked with.


A short video overview of GEOFF RAMM's keynote presentations and interactive workshops.


Customer Experience 'Celebrity Service'

CELEBRITY SERVICE.... “If the world isn't talking about you, then you are not delivering an experience worth being talked about". Geoff Ramm is the creator and author of Celebrity Service - the gap in your service you never knew existed. He has inspired audiences both in person and virtually to create award winning ideas to outperform the competition. His clients include Warner Bros, Emirates and McDonalds. FORBES called this.... "A game changer".

OMG Marketing

“When your competition goes one way do you follow them? Or, od uoy og eht rehto yaw? How will you be remembered in 30 days time? How about 30 months time? Or how about in 30 years time? To be remembered you must be different! Combining amazing marketing ideas that will get you noticed with cost effective techniques to save on your budget, ‘Observational Marketing Greats’ will reveal the amazing ideas that make brands of all sizes stand out from the crowd. But how will you stand out in the marketplace? Sit back and get ready for a journey into Geoff’s observational marketing world.