Jeff Blackman Delivers Results!

Jeff helps you grow your business, accelerate your career and improve your life. Quickly. Ethically. Dramatically!

As an award-winning business-growth specialist, Hall of Fame Speaker, bestselling author, success coach, broadcast personality, and lawyer—Jeff helps CEOs, presidents, business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, sales leaders, and sales teams—create value and achieve dramatic new levels of revenue growth, profits, and earnings. And he’s funny!

For over four decades, Jeff has shared positive and profit-producing messages with audiences throughout the world. They require proven and relevant business-growth strategies on sales, referrals, negotiations, service, leadership, change, and more. Jeff’s focus—folks focused on success!

He creates and delivers specific results solutions to inspire and move your team to action and reach new levels of growth and prosperity. (Plus, he has an incredible No-Risk Assurance.) To your results!



Peak Your Profits! or Opportunity $elling®/Your Path to Profit®

Nothing happens ‘til somebody sells something. This strategic and tactical “how-to” program helps sales pros realize everything they touch—can turn to sold!

Negotiating Know How – The Power of “Yes”

As a lawyer and businessperson, Jeff approaches this crucial business skill from both a legal and practical perspective. Your ability to get a “yes” professionally and personally, will influence the course of your life.

Referrals: Your Road to Results!

Referrals or introductions are an untapped market. Without them, you’re innocently bypassing millions of dollars in potential business. They’re leads with virtually no acquisition cost. And all you have to do, is ask! Jeff has helped numerous clients maximize their referral results. Including a financial services client—generate in 23 months, new referral business of $230 million dollars!

The Customer Commitment

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. They pay your salary! You’ll learn how to maximize every customer contact to drive loyalty and profitability.

Change: Capsize or Capitalize

The “old way” may not be the “only way,” since it may blind you to new ideas, solutions and opportunities. Knowing how to handle change can open your floodgates to new levels of prosperity and achievement.

Manage, Move & Motivate

Winning managers or leaders—know that to boost quality, productivity and performance—leadership is a verb, not a noun!