Fewer than 30% of North Americans enjoy going to work which means that over one hundred and ten million either hates their jobs or don’t care. Is that acceptable? It isn’t to Kevin Burns. He offers workplace strategies to supervisors and their people about communications, HR Management, and corporate safety. Two decades ago, while working to improve the standards of a senior management team, their CEO said Kevin’s message would be a perfect fit for their front-line employees. Kevin worked with their safety department with a focus on safety. It was a home run!

That started what has now become an exclusive focus on providing strategies and tools to solve challenges in safety performance and to create employee buy-into for safety.



Lead Safety Performance

The greatest influence on a employees' buy-in to safety performance, production, morale and communication is the front-line supervisor. Yet, supervisors need leadership skills to effectively support safety. The Safety Communication for Supervisors Program was created to ensure supervisors are equipped to support safety, to be able to coach their teams and to be examples of safety leadership. Leadership drives employee buy-in to safety.