Mark Anthony endured abuse by his father for nearly two decades. At twenty, he had three attempts on his life.  He visualized a better future.  At eighteen, his parents divorced and he was thrown out of the house by his mother’s new partner.  He lived in his car while working as a manager. He’d wake early and switch on the car engine before diving into the sea to wash. Then iron his shirt and tie on the hot bonnet before going to work,  becoming the youngest manager in the store’s 100-year history. Fueled by ambition, Mark got into financial services but was unable to support his young family. One night, he dreamt about his motorcycle racing days when he was just twelve.

Mark initially was terrified before the race. However, when the board noted five seconds before the race, he was forced into action. Mark won British championship rounds and  used the technique to go from a failing insurance salesman to one of the top 1% of the world’s top salespeople in just nine months!

At age 47, Mark had cancer, given less than a 20% chance of surviving and a 90% chance of a brain tumor. Using visualization, he became the only person to survive five years. He’s a sought-after speaker on resilience, developing a powerful mindset and eliminating limiting beliefs.



An Unbreakable Spirit

How to thrive and not just survive in times of great change. Marks life experiences and his ability to transcend whatever life has thrown at him. Not only makes him a great speaker but has given him the gift of insight. If you are looking for a speaker who can furnish you with powerful tools and stories that will not just inspire but inform and leave the audience with a feeling of invincibility. Mark is the ideal speaker for your next event.

The Resilience Rebel

The Resilience Rebel has learned how to navigate, realise and capitalise on the opportunity change offers and rise above adversity with a sense of inner strength and thrives on obliterating obstacles. Many people are controlled by fear on multiple levels denying themselves opportunities and the satisfaction of achievement that lay just on the other side of their fears. Those who understand that anticipation and fear are two sides of the same coin. But when they come to understand the power of the resilience rebel mindset TM. They feel like they have been handed a new pair of glasses that enable them to see life’s challenges with new eyes! Resilience is not about bouncing back. In fact if anyone offers resilience training and talks about bouncing back walk the other way. So, what is resilience?