Natalie Doyle Oldfield works with business owners and leaders to grow sales through an evidence-based framework. 3 times, she’s been named one of the world’s Top Trust Thought Leaders. Natalie speaks at company meetings/conferences, and leads workshops around the world sharing her insights into customer behavior and the science of how to build, measure and protect customer trust. Her book, The Power of Trust: How Top Companies Build, Manage and Protect It, and her Trust Model are required reading in some of Canada’s leading business schools. She created The Client Trust Index(TM). Natalie is passionate and engaging and motivates leaders and companies to grow business with a customer-focused trust culture. Natalie leaves audiences with insights and strategies that lead to increased sales, improved customer experiences, and measurable results.


A short video overview of NATALIE DOYLE OLDFIELD's keynote presentations and interactive workshops.


Trust in a Transparent World

In today's world, trust is an essential asset. Trust or a lack of it can make or break a company. It can take years to develop a brand and seconds to destroy. There is a science behind how customers decide to trust. Natalie will share with you what customers won't tell you. She'll show you how employees can become part of the solution. Most importantly, she'll tell you what red flags are telling indicators of a problem so you can stop trouble before it starts.

Your Hidden Asset

Why Trust is Essential to running a successful organization

Fault Line

What Your Customers Won’t Tell You