For as long as he can remember, Sonny Melendez has approached life with great enthusiasm. But it wasn’t until the last several years that he discovered a recurring dynamic that can actually help to hasten your goals, visions and results.

He calls it Intentional Enthusiasm.

Sonny offers personal and historical proof of this phenomenon, along with the latest findings that explain how enthusiasm sets “wheels in motion” toward a positive desired result. Through storytelling, he shares common key behaviors that life-long “enthusiasts” use to their distinct advantage.

A Wave of Change, An Ocean of Opportunity
Sonny delivers his keynote presentation designed to calm the waters of uncertainty and ride the winds of success. He sets the stage for a conversation around the fears, realities, and opportunities that come with change. This includes genuine problems of concern for leaders and how to find concrete solutions. He shares how other professionals are successfully dealing with change and how you can do the same. Sonny’s willingness to rally people behind a cause is one reason he is involved in so many charities and was named Inc. Magazine’s “Socially Responsible Entrepreneur of the Year.” He’s raised over 100 million dollars for local and non-profits.



The Power of Intentional Enthusiasm

Hall of Fame radio/TV host and TEDx inspirational keynote speaker, Sonny Melendrez pulls back the curtain on his personal “positive operating system” that has accelerated success throughout his career in the world of entertainment. Sonny demonstrates the remarkable power of Intentional Enthusiasm when applied to projects, goals and daily challenges. Your audience will be highly entertained, as he uses his unique voice talents to bring amazing stories to life, offers self-motivation techniques and reveals the 5 Pillars of Enthusiastic Leadership: Pride, Priorities, Patience, Perseverance and Passion.