Sylvia! is a high-energy speaker who gets top marks from audiences, and meeting planners and is often asked back for repeat engagements. Her message is both practical and inspiring. This occupational health therapist is passionate about maintaining health and safety in the workplace and it shows. She’s rated in the top 1% of public speakers by Dr. James Reese.

Founder of Mindbody Works, Sylvia is an ACTIVATIONAL speaker who offers proven, practical and powerful tools to build healthy lives and workplaces. She delivers her message with passion and expert knowledge and is a highly engaging speaker who gives participants the practical tools to change their professional and personal lives.



Stressed to Kill

Stress is the next health epidemic. Stress leave costs businesses over 50 billion dollars a year. With mental illness on the rise, everywhere you turn people are ready to blow their top! In “Stressed to Kill” Sylvia! takes an in-depth look at the effects of stress, shares her powerful tools to reduce stress (the legal and moral ones only….) as well as personal strategies for becoming the “boss “of your stress. Discover better health and a dramatically improved quality of life! And if that’s not enticing enough, how about learning the secret to slowing the aging process? Sylvia! will share that too! Discover: The powerful biochemical impact stress has, as well as its strong and indisputable link to illness. How to identify all the components of stress – physical, cognitive, emotional and environmental – and avoid or modify many of these. The mind-body connection to stress and how you can stop it in its tracks with these techniques.

Rules of Engagement

One of the hallmarks of a successful team or business; engagement at work can be a significant determinant of a healthy bottom line. Where employee engagement is high, there is higher retention, profitability, customer service, loyalty, innovation, creativity, and well-being, both corporately and personally. Adopt these strategies to create a team of engaged workers who want to be at work and stay at work! The importance of engagement and the factors that influence it. Strategies to increase engagement for themselves, co-workers and employees. How each participant can take ownership of their role in the organization and learn to love coming to work again. Make work your passion, not just your pension!