Growing up on a farm with no brothers, Theo was custom combining on her own at the age of 16. Purchasing her grandfather’s farm at age 22 gave Theo a deep appreciation for the risks of entrepreneurship and her rural roots are the foundation of her values, work ethic, and commitment to community.

Volunteering on the rural ambulance for over 10 years brought an awakening to the devastation of preventable injuries and illness. This coupled with formal education and over 20 years experience in Occupational Safety and Health, Theo has found her life mission, helping leaders drive organizational performance through optimizing the health and safety of their people.

Today Theo is widely recognized as a leader and expert in business, entrepreneurship, and Safety Management Systems. She is an international speaker and trainer in the areas of workplace safety management systems, change management, and human performance having worked across Canada, the USA, and the UK. Having been personally trained by leading Neuroscientist and New York Times bestselling author, Dr, Joe Dispenza, she is also a Certified NeuroChangeSolutions Consultant, trained in the science and practice of heart coherence by the HeartMath Institute.



NeuroSafety; The Future of Safety Management

Every year, organizations invest billions of dollars in new safety initiatives that fail to produce desired results. Despite innovations in safety engineering, PPE and massive investments in training, workplace incidents in general are not dropping. On top of that, evolving safety habits and culture for most organizations is a never-ending challenge. The primary reason is the inability to produce the sustained change required to have lasting impact on human behaviour. True and lasting change requires becoming aware of and changing habits and beliefs stored mostly in the unconscious mind. Research shows that understanding and applying the principles of neuroscience holds the key for safety management success.

Building and Maintaining Employee Resilience

The Mental Health Commission of Canada reported that 1 in 5 Canadians experience a mental health problem or illness each year with stress sited as a primary cause. This results in increased employee errors and absenteeism that in turn have a ripple effect on business performance. Learning outcomes for this course include: • An understanding of the stress response and how it can become an addition (in people and organizations). • The impact of stress on mental health, immune system function and absenteeism. • The link between stress and workplace incidents including violence and harassment. • How managing stress and building resilience, regardless of the external environment, is a skill that can be learned. • How to support your employees to build and maintain resilience through challenging times. This is a research-based course using sources such as the HeartMath Institute.

Take Safety & Health to The Bank; The New Currency of Optimal Performance

Generative leaders have long recognized that effective Safety Management results in positive organizational performance including the bottom line. However, in 2022 and beyond, for organizations to not only survive, but thrive, a new currency must be recognized and generated. This currency not only fuels innovation, creativity, cooperation and greater hazard perception and awareness but also decreases incidents, absenteeism, and turnover. It can be the greatest driver of your organizations profitability and leveraged to build a solid reputation with stakeholders. This session: • Introduces the neuroscience of human performance, its impact on safety management and define the new currency of high performing organizations of the future. • Explains why most employees are in a state of sub-optimal intelligence, creativity, and hazard perception most of the time and how it can produce a cascading effect of absenteeism, mental health challenges, workforce shortages and compound organizational stress. • Discusses the new paradigm of safety management that places employee safety, health, and wellness at its core, and introduces the science of how it can explode your workplace with creativity, productivity, and profitability. • Top tips to simplify your workplace safety management and make it less stressful and confusing for everyone involved