Bradley Twynham

If you want a keynote that is fluffy, friendly and funny this is not the keynote for your organisation. If you need your people to shift their perception and mindset and transcend their current circumstances, to become adaptable, regain lost momentum and reinvent then you have found your speaker. Very few people come up against the FBI and are able to withstand the excruciating pressure they apply to get what they want. Teach your people to be Focused, Bold and Innovative in the face of unwanted external pressure and change. A global Thought Leader in Business and Personal Reinvention, and A Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at Western Sydney University Brad now speaks around the world as well as trains and mentors leaders in the Science and Art of Reinvention.

Bradley Twynham


Collision Course

We are all about to run head on into some kind of unwanted external force. Strategically planning beyond 12 months is becoming harder and harder as the pace of change continues to accelerate. One wrong move, plunges us into quicksand. Beyond COVID. Disruptive technologies, a generational workforce shift, new legislation along with emerging businesses and economies playing under a different set of rules are some of those forces. While scary, these forces can present the greatest opportunity your business and your people have ever had. Collision Course focuses on using your greatest assets to reinvent everything about your organisation's culture and business. You can't run from change you don't see coming, but you can take full advantage of the hidden upside when you collide with it.

Transparent Leadership for a Complex World

In fewer than six months. I went from living the high life in Los Angeles to having everything that I owned taken from me, fighting for my freedom and driving an Uber to put food on the table for my family. What would you do if everything you trusted to give you meaning disappeared overnight? It is a terrifying proposition but one, in my case, that came with an unexpected silver lining. WE live on a world where the chances of facing major disruption makes us all vulnerable. There are undercurrents that suggest secrecy and protecting our privacy is the key to staying safe. I have found the opposite to be true. We need to re-learn everything about privacy, trust, transparency and human decency if we are to succeed as leaders in a post COVID world. We need to be Radically Transparent.

Radical Reinvention: Reinvent Your Business in 90 days

What do Michelin, IAG Insurance and Unicorns have in common? They have all created new business models in 90 days or less that will drastically alter their industry and create new ones. We have never lived in more uncertain times right now. We have also never lived in times when there is so much opportunity to reinvent the way we currently do business and cut away what is no longer working. In 90 days, you can reinvent your entire business and start heading in a direction that will transform your current industry.