Cherry Rose Tan

Cherry Rose Tan


Supernova: The Burnout Generation

In 2019, WHO declared burnout as a global crisis, How do we solve burnout in our high-performing society? A tech CEO, Cherry Rose shares her journey from burnout to recovery. It is time to shine bright, not out.

Eclipse: Dark Night of the Soul

Cherry Rose shares her experience of hitting rock bottom. A trauma survivor and a serial entrepreneur, Cherry Rose talks about how to get back up and to live from a place of purpose and truth. Turn rock bottoms into your fuel. Discover why excellence lies at the end

Moonshot: Your Call to Greatness

How will people remember you? Cherry Rose was faced with this question, when her only sibling passed away. With a 14-year journey of herself and her brother as sibling entrepreneurs, she shares her greatest lessons from disrupting industries and mobilizing leaders worldwide. Create a life that moves you and others. Operate from conviction, not motivation. Audacity is your greatest advantage in an ever-changing world.