Daniel Monehin

Dr. Daniel Monehin Global Consultant and ex-Fortune 100 Executive addresses global organizations around the world on leadership and developing a transparent honest corporate environment. and how organizations. Leaders are learners. They recognize that their greatest competition is the person in the mirror and are always striving, inquiring and learning. As Industry 4.0 presses on at an unrivalled pace, high achieving organizations will be led by those who are constantly learning, unlearning and relearning.

Daniel Monehin


Outstanding Leadership

This speech is game-changinf or your executives, managers, and high-potentials to build the vital behaviors and essential skills needed to lead and build a winning culture in a shifting and technology-driven landscape.

The 4th Industrial Revolution

By focusing on what makes your organization unique and the areas requiring improvement, Daniel tailors his speech based on a strategy that will steer your team towards a remarkable transformation.