Dr. Jeffrey Magee

Dr. Jeffrey Magee CBE, CSP, CMC, PDM … has been called one of today’s leading “Leadership & Marketing Strategists.”

Jeff is the author of more than 20 books, three college graduate management textbooks, four bestsellers, and is the Publisher of PERFORMANCE/P360 Magazine, former Co-Host of the national business entrepreneur program on Catalyst Business Radio, and a Human Capital Developer for more than twenty years.

Dr. Jeffrey Magee


The Leadership Academy of Excellence

Dr. Jeffrey Magee has delivered speeches to the world's leading organizations, showing them how to find new ways to reach an even higher level of prominence.

Sales Leadership

Recently, Magee was commissioned to design, train, and present a new series of national leadership and sales recruitment programs for more than the 5,000 professional sales recruiters and sales managers with the U.S. Army National Guard. For this he has subsequently received the prestigious Commander’s Coin of Excellence. He also been invited to keynote at many major associations in America and at West Point Military Academy on leadership.

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