Jill Harrington

Career sales expert, speaker, author, Jill Harrington has delivered result-changing presentations to audiences of 50 – 1500 on five continents. In her clients’ words, “Jill’s content is valuable because she’s a realist.  She doesn’t mince words and she challenges the norm. Providing fresh ideas that challenge us. She changes the way you think for greater success in your business. 

Jill Harrington


Position You to Win!

Sales success has little to do with how great your product or service is and everything to do with how you “position” your greatness in context of what your buyers care about most. And as professional sellers you have multiple opportunities to position you to win… through your sales conversations, messages, presentations, proposals, trade shows, networking and more. According to the buying community here’s the bad news: A lot of suppliers do a stinking job of differentiating themselves from their competitors in all of these. Which means you’re blowing opportunities to move valuable relationships forward and to win good business at great prices. Be the one that stands out and gets noticed! Jill will show you how to position you to win… every time.

Pump Up Your Woo Factor.

A session for all sales and service professionals who interact with internal or external customers. Finding it tough to get buy-in for your ideas? Feeling your role just doesn’t garner the respect it deserves? Struggling to get noticed in your career? Or simply want to have more influence and impact with your customers and within your company? The ability to Win Others Over – be it your customers, your colleagues, your boss or your team – is perhaps the most important tool in any business person’s skills toolkit. Most people try to bring others over to their point of view by using persuasion, sweet talk, even coercion. It doesn’t work. Let Jill provide you the magic formula for success.

Get Noticed, Gain Access!

Want faster access to profitable new clients? Forget everything you’ve learned about prospecting. Sales professionals struggle with cold calling. And they should! Because evolving buying processes, technology and economic conditions have dramatically changed the world in which we sell. Aimed at sales pros, telesales professionals and business owners seeking quality new business growth from the business buyer, this fun, interactive session focuses on how to get the attention of, and access to, the most influential buyers when prospecting to grow new business. During this interactive session, you will learn how to get the attention of critical decision-makers and influencers; turn an immediate “no” into a future “yes” and maintain communication with potential buyers in a way that is meaningful to both parties and leads to future business.

Rethink Your Sales Success.

It’s a different world. Competition for time, attention and money is fierce. And, if the messages you deliver, the questions you ask, the proposals you present, the processes you use, and the services you offer are no longer relevant… guess what? Neither are you. Here’s the brutal truth: “Sellers need to stop overcomplicating the sales process – and get relevant!” In this high-energy presentation, sales expert Jill Harrington will get you rethinking your selling ABCs and introduce you to the critical shifts required to assure your ongoing relevance in today’s competitive business environment.

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