Mitch Kurylowicz

Mitch will inspire you, but not just for inspiration’s sake. The lessons your organization can learn will transform your corporate culture and add to your bottom line.  His engaging energy and dynamic experiences will motivate your people to work intentionally toward their goals and company mission. Mitch will inspire your leaders to drive the company forward with purpose and social responsibility to create positive impact and returns. Mitch has travelled around the globe and met everyone from the world’s most ambitious businesspeople in North America, the Maasai Warriors in Kenya, and the shamans in Ecuador, and shares with you what the happiest, the heroes, and the most successful have in common. Mitch’s philanthropic work has earned him the Mandela Legacy Award and the Canadian Sovereign’s Medal, and his corporate social responsibility group serves clients internationally.

Mitch Kurylowicz


Human Capital Drives Profit: Churning Cream Into Butter At Your Business

It is time to stop looking at ‘company purpose’ as something that exists as a social necessity and start looking at it as a way to add to your bottom line and corporate culture. This is one of Mitch’s most popular keynotes. He will interactively walk you through the importance of having a clear and measurable guiding principle and purpose as an individual and why, as a business, it is in your best interest to serve the principles of your employees. Through a series of anecdotes, stories, observations and relevant statistics, Mitch will explain why if you choose a long-term human capital driven company policy over short-term profit-seeking behavior, you will beat out the competition every time. Mitch also believes in incentive; in relationships, in business, and in life. You can feel personally happy when you give your time, energy or money. You can also make money when you empower people with opportunity limitations. Being a part of the solution is in your best interest, and Mitch will guide you to find out why and what you can do about it. “I really enjoyed his outlook and take on information and ideals that we practice and try to follow. Mitch gave us more to think of and ideas to assist our work with clients to motivate and make changes.” – Workshop participant

Getting Lucky: Doing Well While Doing Good

If you are born with health, safety and access to opportunity, you are in the global minority. Mitch takes you around the world on his journey to all corners of the planet, through conversations with the Amazonian Shaman, the Maasai Warrior, the Indian man who lives in the street median, and the richest 1%, to show you what the happiest people and the heroes have in common. Mitch Kurylowicz exposes the benefits of finding new ways to ‘do good’ at a corporate level in order to ‘do well’. From engaging conscious consumers to impactive investing overseas, he will show you why you have an opportunity to make change and profit simultaneously. This talk will help you inspire greater perspective at your organization and help you understand how you can make small changes to impact big change.

A Mountain of Progress: The Importance of Asking Questions

This is the story of Mitch's first business: a simple question that inspired thousands of actions - Project Jenga. 'A Mountain of Progress' shows us why it is important to ask questions and really listen to their answers. This topic is relevant for organizations looking for tips on creating innovative and entrepreneurial behaviour with their company. It is also useful in understanding how you can draw on experiences and insights from the unlikeliest of people, places and experiences.