Terrance Minnoy

Terrance “Miracle” Minnoy is a Motivational & Resilient Leadership keynote speaker, coach, and author. Certified by the Les Brown Institute and the Center for Executive Coaching, his speaking is described as, “electrifying, riveting, inspirational and thought-provoking”. Terrance inspires and empowers leaders to leverage change, challenge, and disruption on the way to miraculous results.

Terrance has 25 years of corporate sales experience. He’s been nationally recognized for sales excellence by Pepsi-Cola, GlaxoSmithkline Pharmaceuticals, and Legalshield.  His story epitomizes resilient leadership. His surthrival following three strokes in 24 hours (2015), truly earned him the moniker, “Miracle” and serves as the catalyst to his impactful speaking journey. Terrance earned his undergraduate in Business Management and a master’s in Organizational Management. He’s a member of the Les Brown Maximum Achievement Team and authored the book, Indifferent Strokes, Embracing Life’s Adversities.

Terrance Minnoy


WIN ANYWAYS! Leveraged Leadership through Challenge.

How do you view setbacks, challenges, and change? Its a given that external factors such as competitors, market shifts, government regulations, and pandemics can apply unceasing pressure on any organization's ability to deliver results. This pressure is escalated by internal factors as well. This keynote offers applicable winning strategies to combat team complacency, restore workplace engagement, and stimulate organizational energy following change.