Vicki Hitzges

Vicki has addressed global audiences about staying positive; was anchor television news in Dallas; and co-hosted TV show for the Dallas Cowboys. She teaches aspiring leaders to communicate effectively AND audiences how to have a positive attitude even while facing unrelenting change.
• As a TV reporter, Vicki interviewed six U.S. Presidents.
• Celebrities interviewed include: Actor/Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Producer/Director Ron Howard, actresses Elizabeth Taylor and Farrah Fawcett and singers Diana Ross and Bette Midler. CLIENTS INCLUDE:
American Airlines • New York Life • AT&T • KPMG • Dallas ISD • Safeway • ADT • Ford Motor Co. • Lennox • The FBI • The US Marines • Women’s Foodservice Forum • Riverside Health Systems • The Discovery Channel • The CIA • Chase Bank • Texas Rangers Baseball Team • Kraft Nabisco • Bank of America • Microsoft • Delta • Cisco Systems • Wells Fargo • Bell Helicopter • Avon • Million Dollar Round Table • Johnson & Johnson • PepsiCo • The FBI • The US Marines

★ “Our reps left feeling encouraged, elated and eager to serve.” –ADP TotalSource
★ “You were witty, energetic, engaging and taught us practical skills. THANK YOU!–Raytheon
★ “You teach the sort of things that transform managers into rock stars!”–Chase Bank

Vicki Hitzges


Quit Procrastinating!

Dominate Deadlines! Want to enjoy the zesty feeling of accomplishment? If so, then this talk is for you. That’s because sometimes we need someone to whack up our kickstand to get us going. Get ready! Because you’re about to get that whack and an encouraging push.

Customer Service

WOW CUSTOMERS – WITH GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE HOW TO BUILD STRONG BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS How people regard you determines your success. For example, do others respect you? Enjoy working with you? Doing business with you? You’ll enjoy the activities, fast-pace, information, stories, and humor. Whether you’re an employee, a manager, an entrepreneur, a vendor, or eager to start a business, you’ll benefit personally and professionally. COME FIND OUT HOW TO MAKE YOURSELF – AND OTHERS – HAPPY. THAT MIGHT BE AS EASY AS PRACTICING GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS!

Attitude is Everything

ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING HOW TO STAY POSITIVE AT HOME AND AT WORK You know how when someone rings your doorbell — your dog goes absolutely nuts? He wags his tail. Barks. Pants like a marathoner. Almost explodes from expectation. Let me ask you something – How often is the caller for him? Right! NEVER! But he keeps thinking, “THIS time!” Dogs know how to stay positive. Even when they hear “no” over and over, they stay eager. (Those of us in sales can learn from that)