As a speaker, you’re doing what you were born to do.

Much like Joan d’Arc who, as she was going off to war, said “I’m not afraid. God is always with me. I was born for this.”

The challenge ahead of you is not life-threatening and yet….it matters. A lot.

Many people, instead of marching boldly into their future, hesitate and drag their feet. The brave ones pause and then move boldly forward. Not without fear but facing up to it, one step at a time. That’s you.

My life changed when I started following my own path. I always knew it would involve writing but had no clue it would lead to marketing and working with speakers. My route was circuitous, with a surprise at every turn. And no shortage of terror along the way.

I followed this unclear path, one stumbling step at a time, until it became easier and clearer. I can’t imagine doing anything more fulfilling. I use my writing and strategizing gifts; I am constantly learning; I have profound conversations with some of the most accomplished, interesting and talented people on the face of the earth. And I’m making a difference.

Almost as if I wrote my own script!

In fact, I did. As you are writing yours, moving bravely forward, making adjustments as you go, exploring side paths along the way and being incredibly brave in the process.

When I see the metaphorical mountains you are mastering, I am amazed and deeply appreciative to be associated with you. You have an incalculable impact on audiences around the world which spreads to everyone you encounter – family, colleagues, friends and strangers.

You were born for this. You know that, right?