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Dawnna St. Louis

To say that Dawnna St Louis’ life started off rocky would be an understatement.

But instead of letting these challenges hinder her success, they are a core part of what’s fueled her to become a top-selling author, successful entrepreneur, and keynote speaker to the likes of Microsoft, US Federal Courts, Merck, and many others.

As a serial entrepreneur, Dawnna founded three multi-million dollar businesses including a $250M tech consultancy. Today, she travels the globe as international speaker and CEO of High-Profit Zone Academy and Retreats. Dawnna says, “At HPZ we strive to develop multi-million dollar businesses, one entrepreneur at a time.”

A short video overview of Dawnna St. Louis's keynote presentations and interactive workshops.

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Unlock Your Hidden Advantage: Discover what naturally makes you a winner

Are you a decision-maker who gets others on board or a consensus creating collaborator who ensures that every voice gets heard? Are you an alpha-tester excited by the latest and greatest or would you prefer to stick with the tried, true and battle-tested? Your hidden advantage puts you in a position to do what you naturally do best, develop your greatest talents, and improve your personal performance. You can create the results you want and you become impossible to resist. What could you achieve? Persuasion & Influence Expert, Dawnna St Louis, reveals how you can create the results you want and become impossible to resist. Have you discovered yours? Are you ready to discover more? When you uncover your hidden advantage, you will • Put yourself in a position to do what you naturally do best • Develop your greatest talents and leverage them for more wins • Improve your personal performance with greater power and self-awareness. Whether you realize it or not, you’re already using one of the seven hidden advantage! Isn’t it time that you own the power-position and purposely leverage your power?

Se7en Triggers to Yes: Disocver Your Power to Persuade and Move Others into Action

How did Apple turn loyal BlackBerry owners into iPhone customers? How do some politicians create an unprecedented wave of winning support while others defend their energy levels? How did Michael Phelps’ competitor accidentally drive him to become the greatest of all time when his lifelong coach couldn’t? The Se7en Triggers to Yes is the answer. Leaders leverage it. Sales Pros live by it. Influencers love it. And to go from homeless teenager to Founder/COO of a $250M consultancy, Dawnna discovered the three-part success formula that top athletes, executives, and winners use every day. The one that made her an unstoppable leader, powerhouse influencer, and deal-closing diva – The Se7en Triggers to Yes. When you uncover how you can leverage the Se7en Triggers to Yes you will: • Put yourself in a position to move others into action • Turn adversaries into advocates with your new authentic attraction model • Improve your team’s performance with greater power and influence The Se7en Triggers to Yes gives you the power to influence others to win on your behalf. When you know how to move others into action you can fill your team and network with winners. Imagine what you will do when you discover the power of the Se7en Triggers.

From Great to Epic: You 2.0

Winners know that you don’t have to practice to be in last place. To own the leaderboard you must think like a winner; act like a winner; and be the one who wants to take the winning shot at the buzzer. Even if it misses that time, a winner wants to take the winning shot at the next opportunity. Why? Because even when they miss, they win. They learned what to do better next time and gained the confidence to take action even when the outcome isn’t what they expected. And after some trial and error, the buzzer beating shot will deliver the win. When Dawnna was 19 years old and living in her car, it was the power of winning mindset the moved her from failure to success. Within a few years Dawnna had leveraged that mindset to become Founder/COO of a $250M Tech Consultancy. Now – just imagine what you’ll do!

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