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Eric Kaufmann

Eric’s keynotes combine an unrelenting commitment to results with unyielding regard for the spirit. He guides execs and their teams to move past their comfort zone and bring more wisdom, love, and courage to their business.

His book, The Four Virtues of a Leader, explores the four virtues of successful, passionate, and creative leaders. The book guides leaders to navigate through uncertainty and manage anxiety, to improve the lives and livelihoods of those around them. Eric has two decades of leadership consulting, managing at Fortune 100 firms, degrees in business and psychology, a quarter century of Zen practice, living in Israel and South Africa, teaching as a Master Scuba Diving instructor, and working as a certified hypnotherapist.

Specialties: leadership and executive development, executive coaching, keynote speaking, exec team facilitation, strategic visioning, and execution.

A short video overview of Eric Kaufmann's keynote presentations and interactive workshops.

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The Four Virtues of a Leader

The Four Virtues of successful, passionate, creative and successful leaders. Helping leaders with visioning and execution.

Leadership - a Hero's Journey

his keynote guides leaders how to explore the unknown, accelerate results, get people excited, and be an authentic leader on the journey. If you look into your heart, you know that leading is about leaving the comfort zone, taking on challenge and risk, capturing people’s hearts, and accelerating results. You also know that in addition to being smart and educated you need courage in the face of risk, focused intention, and grit to stay the course. But you probably don’t know exactly how to switch on these natural virtues into a leadership character. This is what Eric Kaufmann brings to life – a clear and accessible map to switch on your heroic virtues for your journey of leading. This keynote empowers leaders to make a difference in their work and with their people. It reveals just how to befriend the unknown, get people excited, and be an authentic human being that flourishes amidst challenge. Eric brings his unique outlook and shares applied wisdom, humor, global perspective, and practical tools for developing the heart and mind of a leader on a hero’s journey. Apply a four-step process to manage anxiety Ignite keys to perseverance and resilience Attract talented team members that make things happen Unlock the power of vision and purpose

Teamwork without Tantrums

Never confuse a team of leaders with a leadership team! A team of leaders doesn’t share one vision, works in multiple directions, and fights one another rather than the competition. A leadership team, on the other hand, is focused on the unified vision, works collaboratively, and transcends silos. This keynote is for leaders that want their leadership teams to realize it’s full potential. Eric Kaufmann has dissected thousands of hours of teamwork and teaches how leadership teams can stop burning precious time, energy, and goodwill. Eric reveals the three poisons of leadership team effectiveness: 1) drag – misinformed disagreement, 2) drift – lack of vision, and 3) friction – internal conflict. He then offers clear and focused instructions for becoming a leadership team that accelerate results by creating flow, alignment, and cohesion. This keynote is a deep dive into: Understanding why every team throws tantrums Applying a process for uncovering team dysfunctions Accelerating the ability to significantly increase trust in the team Creating a leadership presence that inspires team alignment.

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