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George Bullard

George is not just a motivational speaker; he brings a lifetime of expeditions to the stage, offering a unique perspective on various aspects of personal and professional development.

  • Virtual Speaker, Seminars & Workshops: George delivers engaging virtual presentations, seminars, and workshops that cover a range of topics including teamwork, trust, purpose, leadership, operating under pressure, and mental wellness in the workplace.

  • Keynote Talks: His keynote talks are dynamic and cover crucial aspects of personal and professional growth.

  • Interview Style Question & Answer or Fireside Chat: George excels in interactive sessions, adopting an interview style, or engaging in fireside chats to connect with the audience.

  • Team Building & Adventure Training: Drawing on his extensive expedition experience, George offers team-building and adventure training sessions.

  • Event Hosting & MC: Whether hosting an event or serving as the Master of Ceremonies, George adds his unique touch to make occasions memorable.

George is naturally outgoing, curious, and personable. His passion for mental and physical well-being, teamwork, and education is evident in everything he does. His mission to "rewild humans" stems from a belief that as a species, we have become disconnected from nature. He advocates for the transformative effects of the outdoors on mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Inspiring through talks and social media, educating through events like City Camping and IGO Adventures, and engaging through TV and books, George Bullard embodies the principles: Inspire. Engage. Educate.

A short video overview of George Bullard's keynote presentations and interactive workshops.

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