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Ian McCormack

Providing guidance, advice, capacity, and independence to organizations in local government, post-secondary, and social service sectors, Ian shares his passion for great governance. He bridges the gap between elected officials and senior management as a nationally accredited Certified Management Consultant, a Certified Change Management Practitioner, and the President of Strategic Steps Inc. In 2020, Ian released his first book, Who’s Driving the Grader, based on real-world experiences and filled with "Ianisims" on how to transition from good to great governance while keeping the best interests of the community at the heart of all decisions.

Ian McCormack is an in-demand keynote speaker at conferences, forums, and workshops on the topic of exceptional and ethical governance.

A short video overview of Ian McCormack's keynote presentations and interactive workshops.

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Who’s Driving the Grader

Excerpts from Ian’s first book 'Who’s Driving the Grader and Other Governance Questions' are explored based on the desires of the audience. Have you ever wondered whether governments need to ‘stop doing stupid stuff’ or how you can ‘meet people where they are’? These are just two of the over 20 topics that can be explored.

The Glaring Governance Gap

When it comes to great governance, there is often a gap between where an organization is now, and where it could be in its ideal future. Explore how organizational constraints on governors and personal constraints on managers can lead to that gap in achieving potential, and understand how to close that gap.

The DNA of Great Leaders

Ian's second book, 'The DNA of Great Leaders' speaks to three types of attributes that got those people to where they are: Personal aptitudes that are inherent in the person; Community leadership that has built the leader a firm foundation; and Governance skills that can be learned. Taken together, there are 25 aptitudes that are present in the best leaders. Hear Ian speak to a few of these aptitudes that are most important in your own organization.

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