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Andrew E. Guy

ANDREW “BRINGS OUT THE BEST IN PEOPLE! (TM)” through various forms of Communication: #Speaking, Teaching, Presenting, coaching, Writing, and podcasting.

Andrew E. Guy is a Work-life Integration Strategist and an international speaker with a global reach. As an author, conference speaker, and staff development coach, Andrew helps corporate leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs integrate work, life, and self-care to improve well-being, so they can pursue purposeful living. Andrew has earned degrees from Southern Arkansas University, dual BSc in Medical Biology, Exercise Science, and an MSc, Master of Science. Andrew is a professionally certified educator, Teacher PD facilitator, and a former teacher of the year. He is an Educational Engagement expert and a Certified Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behaviour, (PMAB).

Andrew’s coaching and consulting work includes Professional Development for new educators, professional staff, municipal public service members, and not-for-profit organizations. Through work-life enrichment seminars, Andrew delivers highly engaging workshops on work-life integration and systemic leadership coaching to help leaders, executive teams, and seasoned employees lead better, manage stress, and apply wellness strategies to improve their work-life while inspiring others in the workplace.

A short video overview of Andrew E. Guy's keynote presentations and interactive workshops.

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Have you ever taught something to someone, but only to find out later they had no clue what you said? It turns out most times people teach others without knowing the best ways to tailor their communication so the message sent is identical to what the hearer receives. In this interactive talk, Andrew uses his signature (teacher of the year approach) to show you how to tailor your training and communication so it reaches your target and you’ll know that they get it. You’ll learn how to: • Stop teaching over their heads and reach their hearts • 5 ways to know when they got what you want them to learn • 5 misconceptions of staff development training • Recognize what is a learning “stile” and how to apply it to your training • Communicate your intentions without bias • 3 reasons your staff never retain what they learn in training and how to change it


Where do you want to be RIGHT NOW? No; not tomorrow or some time in the distant future, but RIGHT NOW! It turns out most people struggle to find the answer to this simple self-diagnostic question because they have lost more challenges than they can remember winning in their entire life. In this intensely captivating session, Andrew helps you to shift your thinking through concrete strategies of mental reframing, intentional focus, and assessment of your locus of motivation. You’ll learn how to: • Discover new ways of seeing your potential • Re-structure your challenges to make them work for you • Assess your personal strengths for success • Leverage your best assets and make them work for you • The 5 things need to have more wins in life • Top ten “wins” in life that most people overlook • Identify what’s stopping you from having more wins in life

The Workplace Transformation

Next to humanity, the greatest assembled force on planet earth is a community. Whether you are building a team, growing business or raising a family, community Is the most effective approach to getting more done in the most efficient way. You’ll need people skills, the right communicative strategies but how do you make it work? In this session Andrew draws upon his extensive science and teaching background to help you discover how to create a community of diverse minded people to work efficiently and productively On any work-related task. Your learn: • Why environment is crucial to workplace success and productivity • How to rally people together without coercion • How to collectively bring out the best in your team by celebrating their individuality • 5 steps to turn workplace adversity into diversity and productive inclusion • How to conceptualize a workplace community anatomically • 5 reasons why organizations struggle to build an effective community that works at work

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