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Lisa Lounsbury

Lisa Lounsbury is a very dynamic and energetic person, who consistently delivers high-quality workshops and keynotes. Her sessions are always “standing room only”, and every person who attends her talks always makes a point of telling me how excellent she was! She is very professional and knowledgeable, with an excellent work ethic.

– S. Buscarini, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

A short video overview of Lisa Lounsbury's keynote presentations and interactive workshops.

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Fail Fast and Pivot

The concept of “Fail Fast & Pivot” and its direct link to Resiliency will be explained through real-life stories and unusual situations. The concept of Resiliency Engineering will also be uncovered along with strategies on how to learn from failures with resilience and a mindful approach.

Digital Dementia

Not only are we losing our ability to communicate and remember important facts, but it’s contributing to the global crisis of mental illness. The good news is that Digital Dementia can be prevented and even reversed, if taken seriously. Lisa will engage you with her story-telling abilities, demonstrate to you what is happening in society today and motivate you to take action immediately.

Mind Full or Mindful?

Lisa will take you on a journey of comprehending the art of mindfulness. This talk will discuss your mindful and mindless moments and uncover the basis behind your stress. You will learn how mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques can be used on a daily basis and how to use this concept to improve individual health.

Mental Health at Work

Mental Illness is currently a leading cause of disability globally. The workplace relies on healthy-minded individuals, hence why improving the overall mental health of your employees is so important. The stigma of mental illness continues to plague society an it’s time to break down barriers and talk more about it. Using recent stories of people suffering and research Lisa has uncovered, she will highlight the signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses and demonstrate how anyone can make an immediate difference to those suffering.

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