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Nothabo Ncube

Nothabo Ncube (Dr. Thabo) is a great inspirational speaker. Having overcome her daunting obstacles, her powerful story encourages others to face and conquer challenges. She met Oprah Winfrey and shared her life journey on a TEDx platform. Through a whirlwind of lectures, round table discussions, and media appearances on stages such as Global News TV, she has positively influenced and reconnected her audiences with their passion. Dr. Thabo envisions a world where everyone has the opportunity to dream bigger and create and shape the world. At age 14, at her mother’s deathbed, she promised her she’d be a doctor in Zimbabwe. Destiny led her to Canada where she and her family lived in Community Housing, subjected to social ills that might have deterred her. Yet she persevered. Her journey leading to the fulfillment of the promise has been filled with loss, pain, failures, resilience, courage, faith, hope, grace, and great accomplishment. She was selected as Top 4 Immigrant Women of Inspiration/Influencers in Canada by The Canadian Immigrant Magazine. She now empowers, educates, encourages, enlightens, uplifts, and motivates others to use adversity as a pedestal toward the pinnacle of purpose.

A short video overview of Nothabo Ncube's keynote presentations and interactive workshops.

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The Journey from Pain to Purpose

How I overcame unbelievable odds to recreate my future. Mothers Death at 14 years old – growing up with no maternal guidance. Persisted and received a once in a lifetime opportunity of meeting Oprah Winfrey. Growing up in community housing subjected to poverty - driven by a promise I made to my mother on her death-bed to one day become a medical doctor. Focused on education and achieved my dream of becoming a medical doctor, fulfilling the promise to my dear mother. Black Female Minority - Empowered through the power of education, against all odds - kicked out of my program in the first year of my studies due to depression and being re-instated (second chance).

Scaling the Mountain

Why Constant Learning Matters: Keep relevant. Be prepared. Confidence and Empowerment. Fertile thinking. Pay it forward. Youthful Mindset. Broader perspective. Deeper insight. Resourceful. Innovative.

Make a Massive Difference

The Path Great Leaders Follow: Servant-Leadership. Be a mentor not a boss. Be inspirational not just a leader. Listen actively beyond hearing. Activate your thoughts and words through action. Shift culture forward. Hope. Inspire.

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