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Penny Tremblay

Workplace Relationships Expert, Founder of The Tremblay Leadership Center and The Sandbox System™, Penny shares her Sandbox Strategies for the New Workplace with current, relevant, original research done since the pandemic, to help audiences understand the shift in workplace culture with so many working remotely and provides tools and strategies to build their greatest castle.

Author, Mediator, Trainer, and Speaker, Penny provides a system to help professionals address conflict with coworkers, bosses, and clients. Playing nice doesn’t always mean being nice. The application of her 8 strategies shapes employees to be problem-solvers prepared for promotions. Advocate/Advisor with PARO Centre for Women’s Enterprise, (non-profit) empowering women to start and expand businesses.

A short video overview of Penny Tremblay's keynote presentations and interactive workshops.

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Sandbox Strategies for the New Workplace: Conflict Resolution from the Inside Out

Suitable for all audiences including managers and senior leaders, this keynotes and workshop offer current trends and techniques for dealing with our most important assets … our people! Not usually taught in technical education, people skills and conflict resolution, when mastered help team members gain promotions, lead harmonious and profitable teams and engage long-term clients. Combine the issue with a pandemic, remote working and the high stress of constant change and you have a perform storm of conflict at work. Sandbox Strategies for the New Workplace: Conflict Resolution from the Inside Out will help participants take responsibility, welcome and embrace conflict and create workplace cultures of candor. Workplace conflict will always arise, but the financial burden is avoidable. Understand conflict: why we’re attached to it, why we fear it and when to embrace it Lead yourself first, then others Navigate through challenging times and difficult behavior Years of corporate training and conflict resolution combined with mediation studies at Harvard bring real life stories and examples to inspire listeners to want to move through conflict to peace.

What's in Your Suitcase: Unpack Your Authentic Self

Audiences are inspired to take responsibility for their presence, performance and inner peace for best practices in workplaces and beyond. The playful and hilarious suitcase metaphor invites us to take personal inventory of what’s worth keeping and what unresolved issues need to be unpacked or let go. Discover what’s in your suitcase Why you’re so attached to it How to detach, unpack your authentic self and find peace Penny’s delivery style is captivating, raw and real with stories, examples and research about how resolving conflict from the inside out leaves very little left for others to get entangled with. Unforgettable with actionable tools and advice, this transformational piece fuels positive and lasting change.

Give and Be Rich in Workplace Relationships Tapping the Human Side of Business

Workplace and business culture rooted in human connection is more challenged than ever in this digital era. Add physical distancing and remote work teams to that and you’ve got a great reason to be giving and receiving more. In our multi-diverse workforce, strategies to leverage the power of human connection, inclusion and strong relationships that are in alignment with corporate purpose engage both employees and clients. Give and Be Rich in Workplace Relationships Giving Simply to Give Being Open to Receive Tapping the Circle of Abundant Business Relationships Penny’s message is backed by her best-selling book, Give and Be Rich, which invites us to look deeper into our own authentic inventory, and find more within to give. Giving is the new sexy. Giving is where we become rich in self-worth, confidence, humility, respect, love, social grace and all of the currencies of life. Her dynamic stage presence and message delivery is entertaining, interactive and memorable. There is laughter and depth to inspire long lasting change in perspective, service, attitude and gratitude.

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