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Rick Gillis

For those individuals waiting for someone else to deliver pay parity, Rick Gillis, author of "Leveling the Paying Field: A Groundbreaking Approach to Achieving Fair Pay" (Indigo River Publishing, 2021), offers workers the opportunity to take this dynamically important issue into their own hands.

With more than twenty years of job search support and career advising experience, Rick has now created the QTNT® (Quotient) Personal Value Calculation process to teach workers (as well as their employers!) how to identify and assign individual value to job performance and personal accomplishment in an all-new way. Rick, the creator of this very simple, easy-to-use, performance metric shares with your audience how the QTNT truly does level the ‘paying’ field. The result is that not only will equal pay for equal work be realized, but even better, proper pay for outstanding performance becomes the new normal.

Rick has been in the business of employment since 1997 when as employee #1 he was involved with the launch of the first local employment website to serve the greater Houston, TX market. "Leveling the Paying Field" is the sum of Rick Gillis’ varied and colorful career in sales, as a manager, author, speaker, award-winning media host, and now, as an indisputable thought leader.

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How to Achieve Fair Pay

As author of (the soon to be released) Leveling the Paying Field, A Groundbreaking Approach to Achieving Fair Pay, Rick shares how salaried or hourly workers (vs. commissioned salespeople) can determine the value of the work they deliver to their employer–especially those above and beyond what is expected of them accomplishments that people perform every day. Regardless of what you do, this has never before been possible, and the results are eye-opening. Rick invented and has successfully employed his QTNT (Quotient) technique with countless clients for more than a decade. This is not just about earning equal pay. This is about obtaining the proper pay for the best performers–regardless of who they are or what they look like. An acknowledged trailblazer in online job search and career advancement as well as a genuine thought leader, Rick Gillis has spent 20+ years accumulating the 10,000 plus hours (and far more) of the deliberate practice that Malcolm Gladwell contends is required to become a world-class leader in one’s field. It is out of these thousands of hours that Rick created the QTNT Personal Value Contribution (PVC) process that changes all that is currently understood about measuring the value of work delivered by an employee to their organization. (And where employers learn who is truly deserving of their $’s and attention!)

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