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Robb Holman

Robb Holman is CEO of global leadership consultancy, Holman International, and the bestselling author of two leadership books, "Lead the Way" and "All In." His highly-anticipated follow-up, "Move the Needle," has been endorsed by some of the top leadership experts of our time.

Robb’s Inside Out Leadership philosophy has been featured in publications like Inc, Forbes, and Fast Company, and his podcast features interviews with the top leaders in the world.

Robb’s keynote speaking engagements allow him to reach into the hearts of leaders around the world. His passionate speeches range from burnout and emptiness to fulfillment and success, exploring how one’s innate purpose is worth much more than the money they earn or the business results they achieve. Robb’s dynamic teaching style, authentic engagement, and thought-provoking content have made him a sought-after global keynote speaker. Robb currently lives in West Chester, PA, with his wife, Karen, and their three children, RJ, Kayla, and Zach.

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Over the last 24 years, Robb Holman has successfully led thousands of leaders through his exclusive and proprietary method of Inside Out Leadership™ Coaching. In helping people learn how to connect with their unique life’s purpose, they are finding success in a way they never expected - from the inside out! During this thought provoking and practical talk, Robb unveils his proven and purposeful Inside Out Leadership™ principles as a practical guide to transform your leadership and help you lead the way! (This talk is based on Robb's 2017 best-selling book, Lead the Way)


If you don’t have trust in team relationships you don’t have anything. During this passionate and practical talk, Robb takes you on a inspirational and practical journey of learning how to build trust from the inside out. When trust is built and fostered, teams can accomplish the impossible together! (This talk is based on Robb's 2019 best-selling book, All In)


When we let the goals and measures of success override our investment in our people, team members perceive themselves as a means to an end, a product to be consumed, to achieve some stated objective, not the objective itself. During this powerful and practical talk, Robb takes a closer look at why we must prioritize people over procedures for better results. (This talk is based on Robb's new book, Move the Needle: How Inside Out Leaders Influence Organizational Culture-*Fall 2021*)

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