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Bob Phibbs

Bob Phibbs, CEO of The Retail Doctor, is a customer service expert and founder of SalesRX, a strategy and done-for-you virtual training firm that specializes in working with retailers and brands who want to sell their merchandise more profitably.

Phibbs has worked with over a thousand retail executives and entrepreneurs to grow margins, improve customer service, and train employees. His clientele has included many of the Fortune 500, Aramark, Bernina, Hunter Douglas, Land O’Lakes, Lego, MasterCard, Omega, Paul Mitchell, Poolcorp, T-Mobile, Trek, and American Express. He hosts Tell Me Something Good About Retail, the #1 podcast for retailers who want to grow their business.

In 2020, he earned the speaking profession’s highest earned designation, the CSP®, Certified Speaking Professional™, achieved by less than seven percent of speakers worldwide. Phibbs was awarded World Retail Forum’s Innovation Leadership Award 2020 in recognition of his efforts to help retail recover stronger from COVID-19 through his online training platform SalesRX and relentless messages of hope.

A short video overview of Bob Phibbs's keynote presentations and interactive workshops.

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You Can Compete

The flawed assumption nearly every traditional retailer makes is that they'll edge out their online competitors by beating them on price. But with rising costs in both leases as well as labor, this just isn't sustainable. However, there is one thing that brick and mortar retailers can do that by design online retailers won't ever do. In "You Can Compete," Bob outlines the startlingly simple but mostly overlooked insight that will help you to not just grow your profitability but reinvent your business as a whole.

Selling Like a Pro

Sales is an art and a science. Retailers no longer have the luxury of customers walking in without researching their buy first. People are thumbing Amazon and other online retailers well before stepping in your store and while standing in your aisles. How do you increase sales, reduce employee churn, and become the Customer Whisperer? The Retail Doctor Bob Phibbs shares the exact steps to close sales effectively and effortlessly no matter your brand, location, or product line. This is the exact system Bob implemented to generate the highest increase in sales from the highest-grossing mall in the United States.

Yesterday’s Gone – Thriving in Your Story Today

Industry unknowns don’t have to be stressful, as long as you’re properly equipped to stare down these demons and watch them blink first. Industry unknowns don’t have to be stressful This is a great end-of-convention speech, especially for audiences familiar with Bob. Mindfulness and setting the expectation for a great day have everything to do with being successful in retail. This session shares practical tips for how to end and start your day as well as an interactive exercise where we build a positive energy sheild. Quite simply, unless you create a positive energy in your store, your employees will bring in their own, which often translates to low energy for shoppers who walk through your doors.

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